LABOUR LAWS IN INDIA - Paper presented in the Asia Pacific Conference on Labour Laws in Bangkok, 2008 by Preeti Bhardwaj of JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES


PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED - Article in The Telegraph 25 May 2011 quoting Surya Senthil of JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES


MANUAL OF CYBER LAWScoauthored by Surya Senthil and Lakshmidevi Somanath of JUS MAXIMA LAW OFFICES


Standing up to Domain Squatting: Secure your IP in the virtual world

Domain names are the equivalent of trademarks in business. Domain squatting is a common nuisance for many a company that strives hard to protect its IP rights for its business....


What Hong Kong deal means for the IT Sector

India's hopes lie in enhanced commitments on movement of skilled persons. India's eagerness to open up social sectors for increased concessions in the IT and BPO sectors is criticised....


A Functional Competition Policy


Domain Piracy


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